BOMBAY METAL EXCHANGE LTD., an Apex Body of Non-ferrous Metals Trade & Industry has been functioning incessantly for the promotion of the nonferrous metals trade for the last 5 decades.


Our Exchange situated in the heart of Mumbai, amidst the Asia's largest non-ferrous metals market, has a rich legacy of 50 years standing, Today BOMBAY METAL EXCHANGE LTD., is the most dynamic and recognised body of the nonferrous metal trade and industry, commanding a name at the State and Central Government level. Our Exchange encompasses a wide spectrum of membership representing Trade, Industry, Importers, Small-Medium-Large Scale Industrial Units, different types of Dealers, Indentors and Brokers all over the country.


To keep up with the changing times in this era of internet world, our Exchange now proposes through this website to provide information and guidelines that will facilitate the trade in non-ferrous metals, more accessible to all our members across the country and the world in general.


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REGD. OFFICE :- "BME HOUSE" 88/90,1st Floor, Kika Street, Mumbai-400 004..

Tel:- 2242 1964 / 6509 6588/90

Fax:- 22422640

WEBSITE:- www.bme.in

E-mail:- bme@bom8.vsnl.net.in & rahul@bme.in


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